Working Groups

Working groups are where the technical solutions to problems are formulated and where initiatives to improve the neighborhood are discussed and proposed. The members of each Working Group have expertise in their respective topics and have the technical knowledge to advance proposals to address problems, issues and needs in the neighborhood. Membership on the Working Groups is comprised of members of the Steering Committee, partner organizations, and residents of East Rome Crossing.

Meeting notes, products, and other updates from the working groups will be posted on this page.

Working Group Chairs

  • Elaina Beeman – Education
  • Bekki Fox – Neighborhood
  • Mary Margaret and Jeff Mauer – People
  • Melvin Scott – Housing

Working Group Documents

Working Group Guide

Visioning Workshop Presentation

Leadership Visioning Workshop Presentation

Housing Working Group

Housing Assets, Opportunities, and Challenges

Education Working Group

Education Assets, Opportunities, and Challenges

Neighborhood Working Group

Neighborhood Assets, Opportunities, and Challenges

People Working Group

People Assets, Opportunities, and Challenges