East Rome Crossing Visioning Results

The first week of May, 2021 the East Rome Crossing team hosted a series of visioning sessions. Visioning sessions were held with:

  • Adults living in John Graham Homes
  • Adults living in East Rome Crossing neighborhood
  • Steering Committee
  • NWGHA Board of Commissioners
  • City of Rome officials
  • Youth from East Rome Crossing neighborhood
  • Youth from John Graham Homes

Resident visioning sessions included a virtual housing tour and discussion of housing in the neighborhood. The leadership sessions included questions about increase capacity to achieve the plan goals. Youth sessions included a mapping exercise and visual preference surveys.

Over 60 individuals participated in the visioning sessions. Thank you to everyone who participated in these meetings!

The results of the visioning sessions give us guidelines for how to move forward in creating a Choice Neighborhood Plan for East Rome Crossing. Results indicate that the plan should create a neighborhood that offers a unique living experience through its identity, services, businesses, and housing options. During visioning with partners and city leadership there was strong support for increasing capacity to make this vision a reality.

Download the Visioning Report Here!

View the Visioning Presentation Here!


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